Queijadas de Sintra

26 de January de 2019 - 1 minute read

“The delicious Queijadas de Sintra seem to have originated in the town of Ranholas, near Quinta do Ramalhão, parish of São Pedro de Penaferrim. According to the archives of Torre do Tombo, the first references to the famous Queijadas de Sintra date back to the 13th century, the reign of D. Sancho II. At that time, and according to these files, the queijadas were a form of payment of rentals. “(parasintra.blogspot.com)

Peipen has recently started producing Queijadas de Sintra, using the original Quinta do Ramalhão recipe with the best ingredients: fresh cheese, sugar, eggs, flour and cinnamon, in a crunchy and crispy crust, without any addition of dyes or preservatives.


Bake, preheated at 230ºC, for approximately 12 minutes

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