Peipen set up its installations on the coastline of the city of Peniche in 1977. Shortly after, began an almost exclusive partnership with Iglo (Unilever). We started producing Fish Croquettes, Fish Balls and Fish Sticks up until 1980. At this point we had the need to diversify our range of frozen products, so we started producing Shrimp Rissoles, Fish Rissoles and Meat Rissoles. Shortly afterwards, we increased the range of products for our client Iglo. The Butter Pastry, Chicken Peasant Pies and Salt Cod Fritters were included to the list.

In order to improve production and working conditions, we made consecutive enlargements to our installations. In 1992 there was an additional enlargement so that we could start the production of a new range of products for FIMA, another company that belonged to the Unilever group.

As a result of this commitment, Peipen started to also offer Bread with Sausage, Muffins, Plain Croissant and Cream Filled Croissant, Mixed Snack (Merenda) and Hot Dog Snack (Merenda), King’s Cake (traditional Portuguese Christmas cake), Chicken Peasant Pies, Portuguese Custard Tart, amongst others. In 1993 we also presented the Spinach Purée and the Meat Croquettes.

At this time, Peipen and Iglo decided to offer products that were connected to our country. Thus, appeared the pre-cooked regional Portuguese dishes such as Codfish Brás Style, Codfish in the Oven, Duck Rice, Codfish with Corn-bread, Green Cabbage Soup, Codfish with Cream, etc.

In order to correspond to the demands of our product offer, we started yet another important refurbishment in 1994.

This doubled the area and lay out of the production line, as well as the creation of other recreation and administrative areas.
Tending to new renowned clients, we continued to develop more products such as the soups and Paella for Knorr (Unilever Bestfoods).

Strategic Policy

Peipen looks onto the future with the same professional philosophy that it has maintained ever since it was founded. This allows us to introduce and solidify the partnerships that we have with a lot of the main brands on the market. We don’t use the term “main” lightheartedly when we talk about clients such as Iglo Portugal Ltd., Unilever Jerónimo Martins Ltd., Europastry Portugal, P.L.C., CSM Iberia, P.L.C., Dia Portugal – Supermarkets, Gergran Ltd. (Délifrance), USCC – Unilever Supply Chain Company AG, I.F.T., P.L.C. / Gelcampo and the Portuguese Company of Hypermarkets, P.L.C. – AUCHAN. Due to the relationship of mutual trust to develop new products and maintain the customary production, it is possible to feel the unequivocal presence of Peipen in the national market. We maintain our intention of taking our frozen products to foreign markets.

It is with the satisfaction of seeing our acknowledged quality products reaching our clients and thus completing a lifestyle that is more and more demanding. We feel that we are more and more a “menu choice” for people that do not have time, but respect their sense of taste.