Healthier Pastel de Nata (Fat and Sugar Reduction)

26 de February de 2019 - 1 minute read

Actual photograph of our product after cooking.

“The Pastel de Nata, often known as Pastel de Belém, it is, however, a bigger thing. He works with an open recipe and has his stake driven into culinary simplicity. ”(DN)

Our Healthier Pastel de Nata is an innovative product created with the purpose of complying with the nutritional rules defined by Order No. 11391/2017, of December 28, regarding pastry products, which aims to standardize hospital diets. to ensure the provision of nutritionally more adequate meals, thus ensuring the quality of health care in NHS hospital entities. Our challenge was to produce a Cream Pastry with reduced sugar and fat, keeping all the flavor of traditional Cream Paste with the best puff pastry and creamy filling where we use only natural ingredients, without any colorings or preservatives.

Ultra-frozen product consisting of a round molded puff pastry in an aluminum cuvette filled with sugar, milk and egg filling for general consumers (for exceptions see list of ingredients and allergens). Product in accordance with the nutritional values ​​advised by Order No. 11391/2017, of December 28, regarding pastry products.


Corrugated Cardboard Box 40 units
Net weight 2,600 kg
Gross weight (approx) 2,920 kg
Dimensions 435 x 180 x 120 mm


Bake in the preheated oven at 230ºC for approximately 12 minutes.

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